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"....harmonic rich, intricate, compelling music....."

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So pleased with the way the new EP is sounding. Mark Tucker has done a great job so far, and Im looking forward to putting the new work out. Its been a bit of a relevation having another producer mix and master - the new tracks sound far more 'up front' than Im used to!.

I showcased a couple of the new tracks at the UK Hangout Festival last weekend - seemed to go down well.



I'm slowly getting the new material ready for release - and have just loaded up a home studio video of one of the tracks - A Last Kiss. Its a little more laid back than the final version will be, but hopefully you'll get the idea!

Check on the 'video' page.


I also decided that although Id planned to put these tracks out on vinyl - as much to fulfil a little personal ambition as anything - Im going to remix these and other tracks into something more dubby and atmospheric - probably instrumental. I just feel that kind of material suits vinyl better - so anyway, thats the plan.

In the mean time, I'll be showcasing the new tracks at the Altitude VF Festival in May, and Glastonbury in June. Gigging tracks is always the best way to get to know them better!




So -  welcome to the new look Sculpture_Music site!

I wanted to simplify things a little and make everything cleaner. I'm no web designer so its probably a bit of a cop-out, but its alot easier to manage this way.


It's always tricky talking too much about upcoming projects for fear of jinxing it all, but at the moment I'm working on new material which is slowly coming together. This is more a studio / solo project, but that said I'm very excited to have the support of producer Mark Tucker who has worked with the likes of PJ Harvey and Afro Celt Sound System. Mark's a lovely bloke - we share very similar music tastes - and he'll be bringing his experience to bear in tightening everything up and getting it all coherent for an album release.

No mean feat.


I've also realised recently that pushing to play live as much as possible really is'nt where I'm at right now - It's been great to work with the lovely John Shaw on bass for the last few years, and although we've had some really memorable gigs I wanted to step away from that focus for now - so  I'm not planning to be doing much live for this year anyway.


That said, I'll be playing a short solo set at the Altitude VF Festival here in Devon in May, and also in the French Alps in August, (which Im particularly excited about - details on the live page) but I suspect that will be it for 2017. I'm just happy to concentrate on the music for now, for anyone who might want to listen to it.

There will also be some video releases which I'm working on - more on that soon.


I'm still really enjoying my producer/presenter work with Balcony TV Exeter, and it's hard to believe its been 2 years since we got it off the ground. Considering I was planning to give it to some bright young thing from the uni media dept after 6 months, Im now a bit reluctant to let it go! Where else would I get the chance to record, mix and master artists like Joss Stone and Will And The People? :-)


So, yeah. Thats about it right now - Check Facebook which will be regularly updated with news on the new album -  xx









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