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By Matthew Calder, Aug 11 2017 05:35PM

From the video 'Seeds' - taken from the EP The Compass.

Finally I have the EP almost ready!

Its been quite an emotionally charged process getting these four songs together - not least because of time constraints - we all have them right - but I've been working on the idea that the Hangs will become a little less of the prime song writing base. This opens up alot of extra possibilites from a live perspective, and Ive been honing my keyboard skills. I'll be the first to admit I'm not a particularly good keys player, buts its nice to work on a new instument.

The new video taken from the EP is called Seeds. I'm facinated by the concept of the global seed vault at Svalbard, and slightly unsettled by the fact that its seen as a necessity in the first place. I guess the song is about how I feel about Gaia - the planet as an intelligence - and how it will win over despite our attempts to smother it. The images are courtesy of the Prelinger Archives.

Anyway. I've loved working on these new tunes and am very proud of them - even though I realise they are only going to appeal to small audience!

The digital download will be available on Bandcamp and Spotify soon! Matt xx.

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