Back in the Studio 

I've started work on some new tracks, and hope to have something ready to show for it by the summer. These will be instrumental - which is how the Sculpture Music project started - so it's nice to revisit the original format.

I'll post some snippets soon!


Second Live Video - free MP3 download.   Podcast

Happy New Year!

I've just released a second live video - this time its the title track from the EP The Compass - check it out on the video page. 

Filmed at The Phoenix in Exeter, the live MP3 is available for free download - click on the link above. 

I'm so looking forward to taking the new set out live this year, keep an eye on the gigs page and socials for updates - better still sign up to the mailing list and get exclusive free downloads and news before anyone else!





I've been filming a few live video's of tracks from the EP - this is the new setup planned for next years gigs. The structure of the new live material is looper based, so there are some differences to the recorded tracks. I really love looping, and the spontaneity it gives me to build and change the format on the fly. Anyway, hope you enjoy them - check out A Last Kiss over on the VIDEO page.


The new EP The Compass is now available on the website and on all digital…

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